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Mercer Island PeaceMakers:  Mission



June, 2003


  1. Support and educate people to the provisions in the Earth Charter.
    1. Encourage governing bodies to adopt the charter
    2. Hold public informational meetings
    3. Write Op/Ed pieces for news media
  2. Share sources for environmentally friendly products, energy conservation, and foods
  3. Model and promote a less material, less consumptive lifestyle. 


  1. Continually educate ourselves through regular presentations by group members.
  2. Bring in outside speakers to address the group on relevant topics.
  3. Develop speakers bureau to do outreach work in the community (schools, civic groups, churches etc.).
  4. Provide resource links to alternative media sources and other education materials.
  5. Support a free press and boycott press that presents a biased “US government” based perspective only. Influence advertisers to change media reporting.
  6. Form a writers group to submit Op/Ed's to local newspapers.
  7. Maintain a presence in the community.
  8. Develop a fair-minded, 5-10 point bulletin on issues of concern to use as reference handout when talking to others. Post on website.

Civil Liberties

  1. Collaborate with existing human rights organizations for maximum leverage on direct campaigns.
  2. Direct lawmakers to restore and protect citizens’ privacy and civil liberties

Political Action

  1. Support candidates who embrace our agenda.
  2. Promote and facilitate registration of new voters. 

World Peace

  1. Provide a free flow of information aimed at keeping global communication alive.
  2. Support and strengthen the UN to

       a. rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan

       b. facilitate peaceful solutions to the Israel/Palestine conflict and other conflicts

       c. oppose unilateral intervention into other countries, and

       d. support international standards of human behavior.

  3. Support education to help build a global citizenship perspective among US citizens.
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